VoiceOver in Egypt

VoiceOver2015 members attend MasterPeace training in Egypt

Five members of the VoiceOver2015 network joined other participants from several countries across the globe for the first ever MasterPeace Boot Camp at Cancun Resort in Ain Sokhna, Egypt. The training camp which ran from the 25th to the 28th of March saw leaders of MasterPeace clubs from the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Uganda, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Kenya and Zimbabwe attending.

The VoiceOver2015 members in attendance were Armine Serobyan (Armenia), Ezekiel Katato (Kenya), Isaac Waithaka (Kenya), Charles Boye (Sierra Leone) and Blessing Mabuto (Zimbabwe). The training was of immense benefit to the VoiceOver2015 members who are already running MasterPeace projects in their respective countries. The training which was conducted by a team of experts including the Founder of MasterPeace Illco van der Linde and Managing Director Mohamed Helmy covered issues such as fundraising, event management, project management, social media and campaigning among many other topics.

Even though the training programme was an intensive one, the attendees expressed much gratitude for the opportunity which they said would go a long way in making their MasterPeace projects effective and efficient. The VoiceOver2015 members were particularly appreciative of the NCDO for creating the VoiceOver2015 platform which enabled them to get connected to initiatives such as MasterPeace.


Report by

Blessing Mabuto (Zimbabwe)